Route Driver

Sorry, this job has expired.

Louisville, KY

Job status
Full time, Part time
Job description
We are currently hiring full-time and part-time CDL and non-CDL Route Drivers.

Veterans, semi-retired, or retirees, as well as route and roll off drivers, are encouraged to apply!

We offer the following benefits to full-time employees:
• Paid vacation
• Attendance bonuses
• Company-provided uniforms
• Great pay
• Health Insurance
• Opportunity for advancement
Education requirements
• High school diploma or equivalent
Experience requirements
• Must have 2+ years driving experience.
• 2 or more years of customer service experience.
• Must maintain current required license with an excellent driving record.
• Must demonstrate good computer skills and knowledge of intranet.
• Must work safely and carefully to prevent injury to self and others while driving, loading, and unloading vehicle. This position requires constant mental and visual attention relative to the safe operation of the vehicle.
• Must pass a drug screen.
• Ensuring customers’ waste is picked up in a timely and accurate manner by managing assigned routes.
• Picking up and transporting waste safely according to all federal, state, and local rules and regulations.
• Planning daily schedule based on customers’ needs by reviewing daily paperwork, e.g., manifest, route sheets, previous VCR, etc. provided by the Transportation Manager/Supervisor or Dispatcher.
• Picking up specified waste from each customer site scheduled for the day.
• Ensuring waste, supplies, and material handling equipment are secured prior to operating vehicle on public highway.

To apply, fill out the "Apply now" form and attach your resume.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.